Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's oh, so quiet

It's oh, so still.

The last of our guests,
my oldest brother, left this morning. I finally took a good, long nap and then woke up to silence. Strange after having guests in our home every week this month.

{Here it is . . . the merry month of December}

The week after getting back from Thanksgiving in Florida, we had a friend of ours visit with us. It is always a good time with Dave! He is a natural at storytelling and will leaving you laughing every time.

We introduced Dave to an oldie, but a goodie game, Greed. It is a fun, addictive dice game. Easy to learn too.

We also finally went to check out Thai Heaven. Great to have a good Thai place that is close by and doesn't involve looking for parking for 10 minutes. Their Nam Sod is crazy good and is a little scalding - more so than what they call spicy on their menu.

I am still in mourning for Phuket's closing on Buford Hwy . . . although I see that a new Thai place is there now. Is it the same owners?


Next up, Mr. BITH's dad and wife drove up to drop off something for his sister and her boyfriend and then we all met up at Ted's Montana Grill to sup. Mr. BITH's dad and wife came back to our place to stay. We had a lovely brunch with them at Thumb's Up and then they drove back to Florida.

Wonderful to see them!


A few days later, my brother flew in from San Antonio to spend the week with us. Many-splendored things occurred.

Gingerbread house making
(bonus points for using a Halloween kit)

A visit to the aquarium:

The new World of Coke:

Weird Coke creatures from 4D
ad movie.

This is a screen shot of a Flip movie my brother took of me while I was tasting a flavor (apparently putrid) at the end of the Coke museum. I went years ago to the old museum and don't recall being this put off by one of the flavors. Maybe a new one or my taste buds are changing?

I am in utter disbelief that I am sharing this photo because it is ghastly, but I couldn't stop laughing at the faces I made!

I believe I was shedding tears by the end of the film.
And if I recall correctly, suppressing a gag reflex.

Dialog in the Dark:

Yes, this was actually said by our blind guide.

A word of caution: Do not get grouped with a mass of HR women who are on a holiday team building exercise and think that this experience is supposed to be similar to going to a haunted house . . . 'nuff said.

Watched a slew of crazy movies and streamed a ton of Roku (our obsession with the Roku is a whole other post I have been neglecting to do):

  • Pictionary (hog or Porky Pig)
  • Winning some trivia at the local bar (did you know that Japan uses more condoms than China, Brazil or the U.S.? We didn't)
  • Sweetwater Creek on a warm, rainy day
During our week together, we discovered a new, magically delicious restaurant on Buford Hwy after finding out that the Pho house we wanted to go to was closed that day.

Amazingly, the AJC reviewed it over a week later in an article titled, "2008: These 10 spots made year memorable."

We can highly recommend the shaken beef, La Lot beef - and Mr. B, what kind of fish did you have that was so yummy? Perfect jasmine tea too. Will definitely go back again!


With the revolving door ever turning, my parents arrived from Florida with enough food in tow to feed a village. No stopping Christmas now!

On Christmas Eve, my oldest brother stepped off a plane and arrived to find mouth-watering, melt in your mouth rack of lamb glazed with citrus and vinegar. I am not usually a lamb lover (with the exception of cassoulet and gyros), but . . .

0. m. g.

We attempted to do the Southern thang with some Honeybaked Ham, rosemary corn bread, celery cream and bacon on green beans and scalloped potatoes for Christmas, but I do believe the lamb was the pinnacle.

There were so many beautiful moments that we shared as a family -- far too many to list, but I will give it a try (hey, it's my blog).

We are thankful for it all!

  • White Oak walk
  • Kennesaw Mountain
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Thai food (yes, again)
  • Home cooked meals and general silliness
  • Hot dogs and cheesecake sent from Chicago (yep, Chi-town style)
  • Homemade cookies and fudge and date balls and lemon bars that my mom made and additional that my godmother sent (did we achieve that 3,500 a day calorie goal? You betcha!)
  • The Bodies exhibit (for some of us, the second time seeing it)! Amazing! Go see it if you haven't. Although I will say that I liked the exhibit space in Tampa better
  • Povitica from N & J (yes, I even saved some for the rest of the family)
  • Hummous povitica (dad)
  • Seeing the Thrashers get, err, thrashed
  • Free flowers from Trader Joe's
  • The little boy sleeping in church
  • Pool sharkin' at the Tavern
  • Dynasty unfolding at Blind Willies
  • . . .

Thanks to my family for making our first Christmas in our new home so special.

Each of you made our time together absolutely perfect.

♥ ♥ ♥

Love to all of you and missing you like crazy here in the Hollow,
The BITH's