Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bungalow furniture explosion

We received the L.L. Bean Home catalog today and as I leafed through it, I started spotting mission style furniture on page 28. It got me thinking: doesn't it seem like bungalow furniture is everywhere right now?

Just like you other bungalow owners, I have way too many bookmarks to specialty craftsman websites and stores. They are pretty pricey, but I scheme and dream . . . just like you.

Realistically, although we love the craftsman look and may gift our home with a few craftsman pieces such as a nice arts and crafts chandelier or bookshelves, by no means are we looking to fill our home with it. We like variety. We like what we like and somehow we have to get our stuff to play nice with one another.

Still, I've added a few more bookmarks and thought I would share ;)
It is nice to know some big box stores are getting in on the style since we can't all afford Stickley!


L.L. Bean calls it their Mission Furniture American Hardwoods collection. Bonus: made in the USA with sustainably harvested American-grown Ash.

These are the pieces that caught my eye. A corner desk, because in bungalows we want to utilize all the space we can get:

The desk is $299 and the chair is $329. Nice lines. This fireside bench serves as both seating and an abbreviated coffee table. Simple and pleasing to the eye. It is only $169

Then, a stunning Morris style reclining chair and ottoman, $499 and $299. Just look at that beautiful wedge shape in the arm and echoed in the base of the seat:

This little beauty looks like you spent some cash on it, but you only part with $139:

Last, but not least, bungalow outdoor lighting. I especially like the ceiling lamp. Can't find it on the website though just in the catalog . . . am I missing it?

Crate and Barrel has Oak Park a la modern Prairie style. Also, the Bungalow line. What about the Windham line for those of us who haven't decided whether we have a bajillion hours of spare time to strip the white paint off of the trim?

Check out Room and Board's Mackintosh and Prairie style on their site.

Home Depot jumped on the bandwagon through their Home Decorators site. They have a plethora of Craftsman-style furniture. 318 hits, in fact.

We really want a bench under our living room window to store some shoes and things we quickly need to stow away so that we at least appear to be neat people.

They call it the Craftsman Gossip Bench.
With leather it ranges from $429-$529:

This one is $299

$319 with tilt out storage

I think there are ~5 more options . . . my brain might explode.

Even JC Penney has gotten in on the "mission".
Can't beat this for $199 on clearance!

So has Walmart. Go ahead. Put that Tot Mission set in the playroom. Go crazy.

Now, to find a hall tree. Ha!