Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Benny Hill chase

Our phones just keep ringing. Thanks for all of the well wishes! We're exhausted after running around (a la Benny) for a few days and making a ton o' calls and going on errands. I'll get back to all of you eventually. I guess I should've updated the blog earlier about inspection/termite day.

Good news is that there were no big, red flags. Overall, a really solid house. Things to ask the seller to fix, yes . . . but nothing substantial and nothing we can't really handle.

By the time we were done going around the house/upstairs/downstairs/up the deck/back to the basement to look at all of his findings (an hour and a half
with us asking questions), it felt like one of Billy's cartoons from The Family Circus:

Home inspectors are interesting. They kind of wander around with poker faces and preface things a lot. Ours warmed up to us by the end though, became pretty candid and we actually shared a few laughs. Nice, thorough guy.

The inspection certainly gave us that first time home buyers reality check. There will be maintenance and upkeep, not just decorating (darn it).

The lukewarm news is that the house hasn't been treated for termites for the almost 8 years the seller has lived in it. Not sure why he didn't treat the house; it just seems like the proactive thing to do even if there isn't evidence of activity. The termite guy gave us a really good deal to get the house under bond and we are approaching the seller to cover the costs.

Still no word on the appraisal. Our lender said that the report was done, but she didn't have it yet. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Our due diligence ends on Sunday, but luckily we have an appraisal contingency. Let's hope we don't need it!

Other than that we continue to collect boxes (love Freecycle, bless it). Oh, the forts we could build!

Our mover is set and so are the cleaners.

C'mon appraisal. C'mon August 27th.

Keep us in your thoughts!

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