Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ambrosia alert

I have been a baking fool. As a token of appreciation, these two trays of goodies went to the brave fire fighters and police of our fair city yesterday. They were so happy to have sugar delivered to them in the form of pumpkin bars and brownies that I was whisked up the elevator in the company of the chief of police and deputy chief to their super secret . . . break room. Yess! The inner sanctum!

Our first Thanksgiving in our first house.
Oh, no! Look closely. Mr. BITH noticed something was missing about halfway through our meal. How could I have forgotten?!

Near Thanksgiving tragedy. Ambrosia left all by its lonesome
in the fridge? Here it is just in the nick of time.

Mmm. Punkin pie. Even better on a
Don Drumm trivet. Makes everything prettier.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Even in uncertain times, there is a LOT to be thankful for.

I'll be heading down that tryptophan highway now . . .

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Amalie said...

It was our first thanksgiving cooked in our first house, too! And my fridge mashed potatoes were baked in the very same French Corning casserole. I cooked 5 lbs of potatoes for just 5 of us; but the next day we went to the inlaws and they had skipped the mashed potatoes altogether, so were extra thankful for the leftovers!

It was nice to have the house smell like holiday goodness.