Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sneak peek of the Tellus Museum

I was at a wholesale show this weekend and all of the exhibitors were invited to preview the new science museum opening in Cartersville, GA in January 2009 (hopefully).

I brought Mr. BITH's fancy camera thinking I would get some cool shots of the sleek, modern looking building -
and I would have too . . . if only I had brought the memory card. *sigh*

So cellphone pics are all I have, folks.

The Name

Tellus is the Roman goddess of the Earth and provides the inspiration at the heart of the new museum.

The Tellus Museum unites the Weinman Mineral Museum and the science programs of the Resource Center under one roof.

The Galleries

The galleries are still a work in progress. Not a lot was installed other than shelves/platforms and the blueprints that were scattered everywhere.

It looks like there will be a fossil gallery, mineral gallery, science in motion gallery and 'my big backyard' gallery (hands-on exhibits).

Here are a few shots of blueprints from the fossil gallery and a helicopter (Magnum PI style) found in the motion gallery.

The Great Hall and Planetarium

They served us some wonderful cocktails and h'or dourves. For dinner we had some yummy barbecue and southern desserts such as red velvet cake and banana pudding.

Check out the big hall. I am sure they will host some beautiful affairs there. The ceiling undulates in different colors and the blue at the end of the hall is the outside wall of the digital planetarium.

Inside the 120-seat planetarium

Early man (J) and woman (N) in the planetarium (haha). Nice face J. ;)

Overall, I think it will be a really cool museum. According to the brochure, there will be a full-size replica of a 40 foot T-Rex, a 200 seat theater, science trails throughout the property (e.g., mineral trail, plant life indigenous to Georgia), an outdoor learning center and laboratory space for students.

The Tellus staff seems like a really good group that enjoys working together. They referred a lot of business our way and may even carry some of N's jewelry in their gift store.

The buyer from the Booth Western Art Museum came to purchase jewelry from us as well. Another museum I must check out at some point!

Anyway, if you live near Atlanta go support these museums when you can!

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