Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wonderful weekend

My parents came up this past weekend to celebrate my brother's birthday. Sightseeing and lots of eating ensued. This is what happens when family gets together, no?


We went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden to see the 'Sculpture in Motion' exhibit. Some really beautiful things to behold. I really enjoyed the pace. Lots of letting the wind take over and just hanging out watching the sculptures change and viewing them from different angles.

The strange oil one in the desert area intrigued me the most:

Flora and fauna

Can you spot the frog?

Mosaic aquatic plant

The three amigos

Did you know that the Atlanta Botanical Garden has the biggest pitcher plant collection in the U.S.?

So many stunning orchids there!

Good eats

Mr. BITH and I had dry-aged steak
and some wonderful okra at Kevin Rathbun Steak. We also tried out Goldfish (sushi and fab crab cakes) near Perimeter Mall and delightfully shared some old standards such as Little Azio (salmon panino) and Carpe Diem (mozzerella benedict) in Decatur. Yummy!

We gave my brother his presents at Carpe Diem at Sunday brunch. One of our favorites was this piece of art that we found months ago with my brother at a local antique store.

The artist's concept is great. She finds old paintings and then adds the monster character into the scene. We found it amusing.

I decided to add some fake 'grillz' to the party - I was the only one brave enough to sport them at the restaurant. Jealous?


Confuszius said...

How can I resist! Here's my smart ass comments....

1. The frog is at the top of the page of course.
2. Only a white girl would put quotes around grillz

Bungalow in the Hollow said...

Typical ;)

1. Yes, there is a frog at the top of the blog, but there is also one in the picture below the caption

2. Bwahahahhaaa!