Thursday, August 7, 2008

You can, toucan

We recently picked up a toucan rocker thing-a-ma-bob at a wholesale show in Franklin, NC.

We've tried to describe it . . . but it seems like people just can't get Toucan Sam out of their heads.

Our toucan isn't quite as colorful. In fact, after buying it, we sat in our friends' cabin and stared at it wondering why we did. I guess, sometimes, you just buy things because they seem unique and cool.


Here is nos petite monstre's reaction at the cabin . . . so much ferocity!

Intruder Alert. Intruder Alert.

So much uncertainty:

We've had it for a few weeks now, and every once in a while petite monstre notices it again and tries to defend us. Nothing gets past him.

Thanks J&D for letting us stay at your wonderful little cabin!

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Why S? said...

The one where they touch noses is too, too precious!